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Crystal Harmony Journal (worth €22.90)
Welcome to a world of holistic well-being and self-discovery! Aquelia Design's Crystal Harmony Journal is your companion on a transformative journey through the realm of crystal therapy.

Inside the journal, you'll find eye-catching images of the Crystal Harmony Journal, showcasing its sleek design, interactive pages and bonus crystal.journal, diary, crystal, quartz, healing, holistic, amethyst

GIFT: ( worth €21.50 ) Guided sessions designed to improve your attention, track your crystal experiences and set powerful intentions through knowledge of the Energy Centers.crystal, diary, quartz, amethyst, journal, holistic, awareness

GIFT: ( worth €18.95 ) Unlock the potential of crystals with informative content about their properties and ways to integrate them into your daily life.

crystal, journal, diary, holistic, amethyst, quartz, awareness
Immerse yourself in the stunning design featuring intricate crystal illustrations and a soothing color palette.

crystal, healing, holistic, new age, amethyst, quartz, moonstone


GIFT: ( worth 3€ ) Order now to receive a free small crystal, adding an extra touch of positive energy to your journey.

Start your transformational journey today! Limited quantities available. Embrace the power of crystals with the Crystal Harmony Journal.”


We printed only 250 pcs

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Personal experience:

Aquelia D.

"The Crystal Harmony Journal has become an essential part of my daily routine. The guidance sections help me set my intentions and the educational content has deepened my understanding of crystals. Plus, the bonus crystal is a lovely touch. It's a must for anyone going on a journey of self-discovery!"

Reviews from readers:
Alex G., Holistic Healer:
“As a holistic healer, I have tried many mindfulness tools and the Crystal Harmony Journal stands out. Thoughtful design and interactive pages allow me to document my crystal experiences and track my progress. He has become an invaluable asset in my practice. "

Sophie M., Crystal Enthusiast:
“I have always been drawn to crystals and the Crystal Harmony Journal elevated my relationship with them. The beautifully crafted pages and educational content enhanced my crystal journey. I look forward to using it every day!”

Chris W., Business Specialist:
“In the chaos of everyday life, the Crystal Harmony Journal is my refuge. It's more than just a journal, it's a tool for self-reflection and growth. The bonus crystal adds a touch of positivity to my space. Highly recommend for anyone looking for balance in their life."

Ava R., Mindfulness Seeker:
“The Crystal Harmony Journal has brought a sense of mindfulness to my life. The prompts lead me through moments of reflection, and the information about the crystals sparked a newfound interest. It is a beautiful and practical companion on my journey of self-discovery.”

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What you get:

1. Crystal Harmony Journal personal diary with a beautiful design that you will enjoy using.

2. BONUS 1: Guided practices and guidelines for working with crystals in an intriguing way
3. BONUS 2: Spaces to record personal experiences and thoughts

4. BONUS 3: GIFT CRYSTAL with which you can practice Mindfulness and Therapy

5. BONUS 4: Information on Energy Centers and Healing Crystals

6. BONUS 5: Information about Colors and Crystals and how to choose them according to your needs


8. BONUS 7: A guide to cleaning and charging your Crystals to help and heal you.


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