Harmonious relationships

Harmonious relationships

Every person has two inherent archetypes - Anima and Animus.

The Anima is the female part of the male psyche. It is the source of emotions, feelings, intuition of a person, guiding their subconscious. The Animus is the male part of the female psyche. It determines how a woman thinks, her subconscious decision-making - creating and forming opinions. It is believed that we recognize the other half of our soul when we fall in love. The image of the beloved is perceived as an ideal reflection of our own inner self - Anima for women and Animus for men. The astral body, responsible for generating emotional energy, begins to create the energy of love. After some time, however, we begin to realize that our partner is not perfect, they do not behave as we would like them to. Internal demands arise, and conflicts begin to arise. During this period of "falling in love," the end finally comes. Perhaps followed by separation or the emergence of a deeper feeling without any illusions - love.

Love is a conscious choice. Every day we voluntarily choose our partner. Relationships require constant work, investment of strength and energy, but they give us harmony and happiness in return. People go through different situations together. But if they always choose to love each other, they keep this love alive throughout their lives. A harmonious relationship is a safe home, a place for strength, realization, and honesty. Every relationship is unique and requires a different approach.

However, there are several basic principles that are important for creating a comfortable space between loving individuals.


This is the ability to open up, share any thoughts, and receive love and acceptance in return. A partner is someone who supports your ideas, acknowledges you, regardless of where you are on your journey. They can also provide honest feedback and constructive criticism. The ability to handle things without getting offended, but with awareness and willingness to work on issues, is a necessary point of growth. In this way, you make yourself and your relationships better, creating a space for honesty and trust.

Growing Together

Loving individuals motivate each other to develop, grow individually and as a couple. Learning together and mutual acceptance of interests are very important. Without constant growth, relationships do not yield results and may push the individual away. Additionally, relationships can become a safe space to work on fears, blockages, negative patterns inherited from family or environment. Self-development and self-awareness allow you to build healthier relationships without being influenced by other people's patterns.


In a relationship, the ability to be yourself is crucial. Acknowledge your emotions and don't be afraid to express them. To do this, you need the ability to talk about your feelings, speak openly about your perception of the world, and understand how another person perceives it. In a safe space, you can let your inner child out, be joyful or sad, playful or whimsical, and your partner will not reject you but accept you.

Constructive Conversation

A particularly important tool for building successful relationships is constructive conversation. It's important not to be afraid to ask for what you want, what you need to feel loved. Many of us fear any kind of confrontation, thinking it may negatively impact the relationship. This is a pattern from ancestral memory when people preferred to remain silent and suffer due to imposed social norms of the time. As a result, all misunderstandings and misinterpretations distance people from each other, making them unhappy in their relationship. It's important to find a balance between not suppressing your emotions and expressing them at the right time without offending your partner or starting unreasonable battles.


Relationships unite people who have grown up in different family systems, with different traditions and rules. Therefore, it's important to discuss and plan family budgets, household duties, and shared responsibilities. This will help avoid unjustified expectations of each other. Often, problems that arise in daily life reflect an internal conflict between two personalities. Behind a trivial situation, there may be deep dissatisfaction, fear, or discontent. In these moments, it's important to stop and understand the bigger problem behind the conflict, acknowledge it, and discuss it. We often succumb to emotions and engage in destructive conversations, such as arguing, lying, insulting, and accusing. It's important to stop, calm down, and continue the dialogue without aggression, so as not to hurt your loved one or lose their trust. You can ask yourself: "What am I doing? Why am I trying to sabotage this?" From such moments, it's best to wait for some time and then resume constructive dialogue to reach a reasonable solution.

The structure of our psyche works in such a way that we feel the need to experience emotions. If they are not filled with positive experiences, we start seeking the negative involuntarily. Often, this leads to groundless fights and breakdowns. This is a person's attempt to experience some emotion when they are not receiving love or support.

Some practices can help maintain a relationship during difficult times. You can practice daily affirmations to invest energy and emotions into your relationship. Additionally, in the process of meditation, you can visualize your heart opening, warmth and love flowing back into your partner properly.

You can imagine your partner in front of you and tell them how much you love them, accept them just as they are, thank them, and forgive them for everything. During misunderstandings, we may feel angry and unconsciously send negative vibrations to our loved ones. It's important to notice this behavior and stop it. You can tell yourself, "These are not my true feelings. Stop." This helps to manage emotions and not create negative intentions.

If your loved one is always by your side, then it's a wonderful gift from fate. You've come together to walk a special path. No one knows what it will be and how long it will take. But what's valuable is you, for every moment together. It helps you live your life more brightly and feel truly alive.

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