Ritual for well-being

Ritual for well-being

1.) This ritual begins with the gift purchase/creation process. As you think about creating or buying a gift for yourself, let self-love be your guide. Know that you deserve this gift and allow yourself to feel like you are giving yourself a touch of Leo luxury! It might just be a little. It could even be a flower or a rock from the garden. Just do it with the intention of receiving this gift to celebrate yourself. Once you receive your gift, place it on your altar or somewhere you can see it regularly. Every time you look at it or use it, let it fill you with a sense of joy. Keep your gift close as you do the rest of this ritual. If the gift is something edible, you can also eat it after the ritual is over. If your gift is a crystal/stone, you can hold it by doing Steps 3 and 5.


2.) Begin by cleansing your aura using the cleansing tool of your choice. As you cleanse yourself from head to toe, feel free to recite the following:


“Thank you for this aura cleansing tool. I start at the top of my head and work my way down to my toes, allowing the energy to flow where it needs to go. I pray that any stagnant energy can now move. I ask that whatever is heavy in my body or auric field can lighten and dissipate if no longer needed. I am purified. I am renewed. My aura vibrates higher. I am purified. I am renewed. My aura vibrates higher.


Once you have cleansed your aura, you can also move on to cleansing your space if you wish.


3.) Grab your pen and paper and start writing the next chapter of your story. How do you want the next chapter of your life to unfold? The chapter can cover the next few weeks, the next month, or even the year. Just do what you think is best for your situation. Write down everything you would like to happen, everything you would like to feel. You are the main character in your story, so - what is the next journey you would like to take? What solutions would you like to create for your life going forward? Base it on where you came from, but feel free to be as imaginative and inventive as you want as you write your next chapter.


Suitable topics for New Moon in Leo


• Romantic relationship./ I attract healthy and

a happy romantic relationship.

• Relationships with children. / I achieve a good relationship and understanding with my child... You write the child's name.

• Birth of a child. / I am happy to have a child in my life.

• Enthusiasm. / I choose to start my day with enthusiasm and a sunny charge.

• Creative projects. / I feel happiness from a good creative charge.

• Energy. / I fill my body and spirit with

energy and positive energy.

• Confidence. / I am filled with confidence and fearlessness.

• Love. / I start giving and receiving more love in my life.

• Theater art. / I am realizing my plans in theater art.

• Entertainment. / I manage to spend more time on fun in my life.

• Gambling. / I realize profit from participation in...

  • Pride. /I choose to break free from my isolating pride.

  • Arrogance. / I resolve not to be haughty in my life.

  • Courage. / I resolve to be bolder in my undertakings.

  • Anger. / I choose to control my anger and choose peace.


4.) After you finish writing, reflect on any insights that occurred to you. Did anything surprise you? Does your next chapter make you feel excited about your life? Let whatever comes up float away. You might set some goals or intentions about how you can make this next chapter a reality for you.


5.) Give yourself permission to release the work you just did and get nice and comfortable for your chakra restoration meditation.


6.) Once your chakra reset meditation is complete, the ritual is complete. You may continue to have awakenings or ah-ha moments and feel closer to your "next chapter" as you go through the week!


7.) The last step of your ritual is to simply enjoy your gift!


Blessings to you!

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