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Going through life, a person cannot find all the answers to his questions from outside: everything around him is simply a reflection of his own programs, patterns and decisions. The only source of true knowledge is deep within us. The more we connect with our heart center, the more clues it can give us. It helps you find your own path and move through life effortlessly, with fewer obstacles.

When we get into our own flow, life events happen faster, at the right time, and in the most favorable way. We experience pleasure and joy in walking the path that our heart paves for us. A deep connection with the heart makes it possible to hear even the subtle impulses of the soul. It allows you to intuitively feel what to do, which path to choose. This feeling can be developed by practicing focusing on emotions and body sensations. By listening to the inner voice, even if it concerns simple everyday things, we learn to distinguish real needs from imposed programs resulting from mental models and society.

Through the heart center, a person can be in contact with his soul and with the Higher Self - a particle of God in himself. It is an infinite and limitless source of higher feelings: love, compassion, gratitude and acceptance. However, as we go along our path, we often encounter negative experiences and do not know how to deal with them properly. Instead of living, letting go, forgiving, we try to save ourselves from the pain and end up closing our hearts. We put the armor on our heart and let our mind control, which is why we lose touch with ourselves.

Therefore, a crucial step on the way to your true self is to open your heart. There are many practices to reconnect with the heart center.
They are based on focusing attention on the heart area. It is recommended that you devote at least a few minutes each day to these practices. You can start your day with a practice as it will help you feel your true self and your body.

The simplest practice you can use is to lower your attention to the center of your chest for a few slow breaths. Try to see your heart with your inner eye.
Imagine your heart as a brilliant lotus flower that slowly opens its petals and its light fills everything around with the energy of divine love. You can visualize the energy flowing from the lower chakra area to the heart center and then flowing up to the top of your head. Another powerful practice is loving-kindness meditation - Metta Bhavana.

It aims to fill the heart with unconditional love, kindness and compassion for all living beings on earth. You can work with the candle flame by imagining the warm energy of the fire moving into your hands, rising up and filling the heart each time you inhale.
You can also use these affirmations to open the heart: "My heart is full of love and compassion" and "I love myself and accept who I am." The Bija Mantra for Harmonizing the Heart Chakra Anahata is the sound of
YAM. You can chant it while visualizing green rays of light coming from the heart area.

In addition to these practices, there are many others. You can practice yoga and perform asanas aimed at opening the heart area and chest. It is favorable to read poetry, listen to music and vibrating sounds of musical instruments. The main thing is to find the tools that are right for you. Opening the heart always means spiritual growth. We acquire skills and wisdom that take us to a new level of consciousness. We learn to accept our lives and trust unconditionally in the world and everything that happens to us. We become spectators of events and emotions: we can follow and analyze them, but not be completely consumed by them.

We begin to conquer addictions, not to get attached and let them go when the time is right. In addition, emotional intelligence will develop, which will help you deal with your feelings and emotions. Know how not to hide from them, but to recognize and experience them. Finding a balance between loving yourself and others, giving and receiving is very important to opening your heart. If we give too much of ourselves to external processes for the benefit of other people, then we empty ourselves and betray ourselves. If we focus too much on ourselves, we do not exchange energy with others and stop our development.

To find balance, it's important to establish healthy boundaries, be honest with yourself, and be able to say no. The path of the heart is learning about the world by learning about your true self: your true needs, desires, and emotions. This is the way of love, the way of feeling. It allows you to harmoniously enter the flow of the universe, reveal your spiritual potential and receive the experience we came here for and holy. Our physical little heart contains the entire universe. Trust him as only your heart knows the right way.

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