Sacred Spaces: Finding a Home with Spiritual Significance

Sacred Spaces: Finding a Home with Spiritual Significance

Home is a special space where we feel comfortable and safe. It reflects the inner world of the owner and provides support through familiar surroundings, smells, valuables and memories.

According to the Vedas, a home has a living spirit, so we may miss it, if we leave it for a long time. Homes that have been lived in for generations keep the memory of the lineage alive and provide a connection to the roots.
The sense of home as a safe space is associated with a deep sense of self. It is planted in childhood. If a child grows up in an atmosphere of love, mutual respect and acceptance, he easily establishes personal space as an adult.

If this was not the case, he may not feel at home, even when he has his own place. There appears a belief, that it is important to be mobile, to spend more time at work and socially. Unwillingness to return home can manifest itself as a feeling of loneliness and loss. Home becomes a place to sleep and loses its important energetic role.
However, home is much more than walls and a set of things. It is a place of power, where one can draw resources and restore energy, realize potential and get to know ourselves. Home begins within us.

Our first home is our body. It is beneficial to establish contact with it through physical activity, dancing, massages, and grooming. Practices for grounding, opening the lower chakras, deep breathing, working with plants and soil will also help. This is how we root and strengthen the field to feel stable and safe.
The desire to find a home can be accompanied by subconscious fears and beliefs, unwillingness to repeat scenarios from childhood. Working with a psychologist or a master will help to sort out negative programming, to break destructive patterns.

This way we take responsibility for our lives and decide from an adult position where, with whom and how we want to live. 
Before owning your own home, you can begin to visualize its appearance, the interior, the view from the window. Try to feel the state that you want to experience in it. You can purchase things, interior elements in advance.
This is how you bring the materialization of your dream closer. You can work with the affirmation: "I want to find my home".

If you already have your own home, you can strengthen the connection with it through gentle treatment. The energy of home is revealed when we decorate it, keep it in order, clean the space from negativity, avoid fights and conflicts within its walls, cook delicious food, serve it in beautiful dishes, receive guests with pleasure, create traditions.

This is how we form our own little personal world filled with love. If you wish, you can refer to the eastern wisdom of Vastu Shastra, which explains how to properly distribute the energies in your home. You can also make a home altar and place your favorite talismans there. It will become the center of the house and will protect the space.
A woman has a particularly strong connection with home. She keeps the space, fills it with joy and prosperity. In return, a home fuels her with energy.

The more light and harmony there is in a woman's heart, the more cozy, warm and healing her home becomes.
Through contact with the home energy, a woman reveals the Mother archetype, which gives her a lot of power.

Home gives an important sense of support. It is an essential state for building harmonious partnerships and one's own fulfillment. Therefore, when we begin the path towards our home, we move towards ourselves.

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