About me

Many of you will recognize yourselves in my story. Yes, I know! Many people say it, but many also feel scared.
Hello! I am Aquelia. Aquelia is my pseudonym, under which I recognize my personal story. Aquelia was created 10 years ago when I expressed myself through drawing and awake 10 years later in Age of Aquarius. I have always had the need to emotionally liberate myself in some creative way, but never professionally or with the pretension of being an artist. As far back as I can remember, my life has been like an emotional rollercoaster of horrors. Probably for many of you too. Yes, the world is changing and thank God! I believe it's only for the good. I also believe that many of you have gone through or are going through, and there will be those who are just about to embark on their own rollercoaster of horrors. It feels awful, doesn't it? And here comes the essence of the lightness of living. You simply let go of all that capitalist stuff that held you as a chain for career advancement and realize that it's suffocating you. Yes, you want a good life. Yes, you want to provide something for your children. Yes, but while you're climbing the corporate ladder, you don't see what's around you. Yes, but your children don't care whether you have money or not.
HAPPINESS!That's the beauty in this life.
LOVE YOURSELF! That's the lesson in your life.
Along my path, there were quite a few obstacles. I went through the traditional panic attacks, hypochondria, burnout, therapists, doctors, examinations for this and that, personal losses, loads of them, astrologers, and Akashic record readers. And somehow, in the midst of all these things, it was only natural for a few instructive relationships to come into play. You somehow sense what's karmic, don't you? Reaching out for yet another "salvation" for my hopeless state of self-denial, I come across a universal sign. One year later, I'm here to pass on to you everything I learned from my dedicated teacher. The things I adopted for myself are natural Crystal Therapy, Aromatherapy, and Energetic Interior Design. A year later, I am strong, I am significant, I am happy, and I value my place in the Universe. All of this is Aquelia. Jewelry and perfume bottles for the most authentic Crystal Therapy in a modern way.
With every order, you receive a guide for your stone.
How to clean it.
How to charge it.
In what cases it will help you.
Which parts of the body it corresponds to.
To which energy center it applies.
Which zodiac sign it corresponds to.
Which other stones to combine with for enhanced effect.
How to increase the good energy at home.
Enjoy shopping.