Everything starts with Trust

Everything starts with Trust

The game of life is unpredictable, so sometimes we find ourselves in uncertainty. Sudden events, changes in plans, destruction of the old and emergence of the new can create fears, doubts and resistance.
However, we have a choice to either live with a mindset of limitation and stress or to develop trust in life.

Trust involves acceptance, gratitude and belief in a higher order of things. It is established in childhood, when a relationship with the world is formed through a relationship with the mother.
The child learns about life while relying on the mother's help and protection.
If she accepts and supports him, he learns to trust the world. If he encounters rejection, has to face difficult emotions and events by himself, he begins to form defenses to survive. The child loses basic trust. In the future, this manifests itself in fear of change, anxiety, controlling behavior, constant expectation of the worst and a victim mentality.

You can trust life, fate, the Universe, the Higher Powers, God - everyone finds something that resonates with them.
Trust makes us flexible, adaptive, ready for new circumstances and conditions of the game. We stop wasting energy fighting our fate, trying to adapt the world to our ideals and let ourselves live and enjoy.
In trust we remain creators of our own reality. We are free to try new things and change what is in our power.
However, many things are beyond our control. Worrying about them puts us under destructive stress and a state of anxiety.
We can follow a few principles using them as affirmations:
I focus on what I can control and let go of what I can't.
I do the best I can and trust life to do the rest.

Regrets are linked to the past, fears and doubts to the future. By immersing ourselves in them, we lose the present moment in which life itself takes place.
It is beneficial to consciously return to the here and now.
Allow yourself to believe that everything happened in the best and only possible way, and let go of thoughts about the past. Trust that everything will work out in the future in the most favorable way possible. This way you release tension and open yourself up to lightness and freedom.
The following affirmation can help:
Ilet go of all regrets about the past and fears about the future and am present in the present.
In trust, we change our thinking from
"why?" to "for what?" From shortcomings and deficiencies, we shift our attention to joy and appreciation of what we have. We draw valuable lessons from every situation and are grateful that life supports and protects us, even when we don't know it.

How to develop trust
Learn to trust yourself, your intuition, your body, your decisions. Try to listen to yourself more, to notice subtle inner impulses, sensations. Psychotherapy, body therapy and keeping an emotion journal will help.

Practice gratitude. Every evening you can write down the things for which you feel grateful and something good that has happened during the day to concentrate on the positive.

Work with fears, negative beliefs.
Through meditation, art therapy, individual therapy, group therapy, you can eliminate limiting beliefs layer by layer. Read books on this subject, develop mindfulness, try different methods to find the one that suits you.

Open the first chakra, Muladhara, with the help of meditations and breathing for grounding and returning the sense of security.

Establish contact with your inner child to bring back joy and curiosity, and heal childhood traumas. The meditations to establish contact with the inner child in the Healing section will help you.

When we are aligned with acceptance, trust and gratitude, our vibrations rise.
The reality reflects our new state and changes for the better. We let go of control and tension and allow ourselves to enjoy life, explore it with curiosity, try new things and expand our possibilities.
Trust becomes a pillar that makes us more resilient.

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