The full moon illuminates a time of heightened emotions and powerful creativity.

The full moon illuminates a time of heightened emotions and powerful creativity.

The full moon illuminates a time of heightened emotions and powerful creativity.

There's nothing quite like being outside under the light of a full moon. The full moon has inspired poetry, song and film (remember the 1987 classic Moonstruck?) The spiritual significance of the full moon illuminates a time of heightened emotion and intense creativity.


When the moon is fully illuminated by the sun's rays, the view from Earth is like a whole orb that seems to emit its own light. Time spent under this reflected light of the full moon has the power to be transformative, intense and inspiring. It can also add intensity to any emotions that live within you, so it helps to be intentional about what you focus on.


Spiritual meaning of the full moon


The full moon offers an opportunity to see the abundance in your life. It is time to feel deep gratitude for the many blessings you have and experience. It's also a powerful time to recommit to the projects and relationships that mean the most to you. Allow the light of the full moon to illuminate what works for you and expand those areas by being intentional about the ways you will move forward in your life. The practice of gratitude is both simple and profound, and the energy of the full moon can create a heightened experience of bliss as you enjoy all the goodness that surrounds you.


There is a deep and spiritual connection between the full moon, the tides, and our emotions. The full moon is often experienced as a time of deep emotional intensity. Just as the full moon attracts the tides and creates more dramatic tidal changes between highs and lows, some people experience the same in their emotional lives. Being aware of the lunar cycle and preparing yourself through meditation and planning (perhaps a full moon isn't the best time to have that big and possibly contentious conversation with your partner) can go a long way to avoiding the emotional roller coaster that some people experience with this phase. Offer yourself a healthy dose of compassion and extra self-care during this time of the lunar cycle.


Full Moon Spiritual Practice


Creating a lunar cycle journaling practice offers insight into how you respond and feel the effects of each phase. On a full moon, try this contemplative practice and tune in to let it serve you in the best possible way for your growth.


Take a journal, pen or pencils and anything you need to be comfortable.

If possible, spend some time meditating outside under the light of the full moon. This is known as moon bathing. Open up on an energetic level to the light of the moon and feel your whole being come alive in response.

When you have finished contemplating the moon bath, sit with your journal where you have enough light to see.

Start by drawing or writing about your moonbath experience. Note any emotions that came up and any physical sensations you experienced. Also write down any ideas that come to you.

Write the words "I'm grateful for" and give yourself the freedom to write whatever comes to mind, no matter how big or small. Continue for as long as feels natural. Do not strain or bring a sense of tension to this exercise. Just let it flow.

Start a new page and write the word "intentions" at the top. Go through the areas of your life as they come to mind and write a simple intention for each one. It's a commitment to take action or pay attention to those parts of your life. The energy of the full moon will act as an exclamation point, drawing these intentions to life within you.

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