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Moonstone ( Opalite ) Perfume Bottle

Moonstone ( Opalite ) Perfume Bottle

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Moonstone is a semi-precious stone with a light grey, bluish or white colour that reflects and refracts light like moonlight. It is known for its mystical and romantic beauty. The origin of the moonstone can vary depending on the particular type of stone. It is usually found in different parts of the world including India, Sri Lanka, Madagascar, Australia, Brazil and the USA.


India and Sri Lanka are famous for their moonstone deposits. Some of the highest quality and prized examples of this stone are found in these regions. Moonstone is quarried from siltstones, river sands or forest soils.


In the mythology and legends of various cultures, moonstone is associated with the moon and the deity associated with it. This stone is believed to carry within it the energy and light of the moon, providing reassurance, intuition and a connection to the worlds of magic and mysticism.






The moonstone has rich symbolism and historical significance in various cultures and beliefs. Here are some of the main symbolic aspects of moonstone:


1. 1. It is considered a symbol of intuition, sensitivity and emotional strength. The moonstone can help the wearer connect with their inner femininity and develop their intuitive abilities.


2. Balance and Harmony. It can help to achieve inner peace and stability. The Moonstone can help to bring balance and harmony to the body and to help people to achieve harmony and balance.

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