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The Power of Intention: Harnessing the Mind to Shape Your Reality

Intention is the pure creative energy that we focus on and channel to get what we want. Intention fires up our lives.

Everything we aspire to starts with it.

We can strengthen any practice like meditation, dance and art therapy with our intention. You can say it to yourself or out loud or share it with the participants of the practice. That way the energy will be directed into bringing your intention to life.

In difficult periods of life, you can rely on the basic intention to live harmoniously and happily even if it is unbearably difficult and painful. It can be simple but have the most important meaning: "I want to live", "I want to be happy", "I want to love and be loved", "I want to be healthy", "I want to enjoy my life".

If negative programs of anger, fear, envy take over us, we can fight them with a strong intention to live for the benefit of ourselves and all living beings. Like a ray of light, this thought guides us through the darkest time.

We can set the intention to connect with our soul, to cleanse our Kin programs, the traumatic experience of previous incarnations and our past. It gives us inner support for reprogramming and cleansing out the structure at the molecular level.

Externally, we can help ourselves by consulting a therapist, masters, healers and partaking in different practices and retreats.

Your intention can change throughout life. It reflects the current situation and relevant tasks of that period of life. It's okay to change your intention before you reach it - no need to strive for something that is no longer important for you.

When it comes to intention, it's important to have absolute deep trust in the environment around us. It's not always possible to come up with a clear plan of action, so it's better to let the Universe play its creative role in the implementation of your intention.

For the environment to support the intention, it must be healthy and clean, not harming other people and the planet. If it comes from your heart, the reality will slowly start to change. New opportunities, paths and clues will present themselves.

The intention is fulfilled when this scenario corresponds with our Great Destiny - the number of variations that have been set out for us in this incarnation. Sometimes we struggle to achieve what is not meant for our current life path and suffer from it.

Wisdom lies in seeing the bigger picture and being ready to take a different path that will lead to happiness and fulfillment.

You can use various tools and rituals to fulfill your inner intention of the soul.

You can use this basic practice: set the intention, write it down on paper or draw it.

To gain an intention, you can start by saying specific affirmations. Even if it seems unnatural, after a while it enters your consciousness and turns into a sincere intention.

The practice of meditation to create your own reality is described in the book Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself by Joe Dispenza. The author cites the results of the research carried out by HeartMath Institute in California; it proves that pure intention and clear visualization of what is desired change a person's DNA.

"When we make a decision and set an intention to achieve the desired reality, our thoughts become clear and our feelings just adjust to them. It changes the biochemistry of the body, the neural structure of the brain, and even the gene expression."

Vadim Zeland describes a lot of practices in his book Reality Transurfing.

He defines intention as the unity of desire and action. To realize it, one needs to treat it calmly, decisively, without doubts and overestimated importance, as if this is an inevitable development of events. That is how we can choose the reality that we need in the number of variations.

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